Alumni Directory

Alumni Directory

UPDATE: Directories were shipped in early October 2020

The Mercer University Office of Alumni Services has partnered with PCI (Publishing Concepts Inc.) to publish a new alumni directory scheduled for distribution in the summer of 2020. Beginning April 1, 2019 PCI will start reaching out to Mercer's alumni via phone, email, and postal mail to verify and update contact information. The process will last approximately six months. Additionally, a separate directory will be produced for Mercer Law School. Both directories will be published by PCI.

Below is an example of a postcard that will be sent out at the beginning of the campaign. Please also expect possible phone calls and email communication that will be in a similar format. Once PCI has verified your information, you will receive a confirmation.


Postcard Example Front


Example Postcard Back

Thank you Mercer Alumni for contributing to this directory project! Keeping our community connected is extremely important to us and we couldn't do it without you. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Ceallsach (Kelsey) Crouch at 478-301-2173.

Please remember that the purchase of a directory is not necessary if you would like to reach out to a fellow alum. We are happy to facilitate reconnection by providing your contact information to the alum you would like to contact. For additional questions email

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PCI?

PCI, or Publishing Concepts Inc., is a Dallas, TX based company with whom Mercer University has collaborated to publish the new alumni directory coming out in summer of 2020.

Is this the first print directory?

No. Mercer University has partnered with a publisher every 5 years for over 40 years to produce alumni directories. It is a long-standing tradition and very popular with many alumni.
PCI produces similar alumni directories for college and universities around the country.

How did PCI get my contact information?

Initial contact information is provided by Mercer to PCI for the sole purpose of producing the directory. PCI is prohibited from sharing your contact information for any other purposes.

How does the process work?
PCI began on/about April 1, 2019 sending emails and post cards requesting alumni to call and update their information. If PCI does not receive a response from you within the first two months, they will call your primary number. PCI will walk you through updating your information, and will offer you an opportunity to purchase the directory and some Mercer-branded merchandise. They are not asking monetary gifts/donations.  It only takes a couple of minutes to update your information over the phone. PCI will then send you a verification email so that you can check your directory listing before it is published. You choose exactly what information you are comfortable including in your listing.                                        

Do I have to call PCI or can I update my information online?

PCI does not offer an online avenue for updating your contact information. To update your information, please follow the instructions provided in the email or on the postcard you have received.

Do I have to purchase the directory?

No, it is not necessary to make a  purchase. Our primary goal is to receive recently updated information from our alumni in order to more efficiently serve our Mercer Bear community.

Further questions/concerns?

The Mercer alumni staff is here to answer any questions you may have. Please contact Ceallsach (“Kelsey”) Crouch at 478-301-2173 or